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Providing Total Customer Satisfaction

When you need first-rate metal processing services, visit Royal Plating in Tucson, AZ. We are the experts in refinishing and plating different auto parts like bumpers and air vents. Before we plate all types of metals, we make sure to first polish dents and dings to produce a high-quality finish. We always aim to provide total satisfaction to all our customers.
Air vents - Vehicle Restoration in Tuscon, AZ

Our Services Include:

  • Metal Manufacturing
  • Metal Plating
  • Metal Processing
  • Metal Refinishing
  • Metal Restoration

Call Us for Plating Services

With our metal polishing services, you are assured that we will give your auto body part or fixture the bright and highly reflective finish you want. Our plating experts pay attention to every detail to give the best possible results. If you have questions about our metal plating services, please call Royal Plating at (520) 622-7826. We can also help you choose the right plating service for your auto body part or fixture.